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Installation Guide

Please see the tabs below:

Directory Assistance/Base Operator at (808) 449-7110


Command: Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam

Administrative Management (808) 473-0460
Base Security (Executive Office)

(808) 474-6186 Pearl

Base Security (Physical Security Protection) (808) 449-1001 Hickam

Chaplain/Religious Ministries

(808) 473-3971 Pearl Harbor Memorial Chapel

(808) 449-1754 Hickam Chapel Center

(808) 448-6900 After hours

Child & Youth Programs (808) 473-2669 Naval Station CDC
(808) 471-1978 Center Drive CDC
(808) 653-5305 Wahiawa Annex CDC
(808) 471-9336 Peltier CDC
(808) 472-0259 Ford Island CDC
(808) 449-9880 Hickam Main CDC
(808) 449-5230 Hickam West CDC
(808) 448-0183 Hickam Harbor CDC
(808) 421-1556/448-4396 Camps/Youth Ctrs.
(808) 473-0789 Youth Sports
Civilian Drug Testing for Air Force (808) 448-5355/5356
Emergency Management

(808) 448-2744

Equal Opportunity (808) 449-1701
Equal Employment Opportunity (808) 474-3794
Executive Office (808) 473-2201
Family Housing

(808) 474-1820/1821 Pearl
(808) 312-0199 or (808) 590-1402 Hickam

(808) 839-8690: Pearl/Forest City
(808) 423-1650: Hickam Communities

Food Services (808) 473-2948 Silver Dolphin
(808) 449-1666 Hale Aina
Health Care (Military Clinics) (808) 473-0247 Pearl Harbor
(808) 448-6000 Hickam


(808) 590-8383

Lodging (808) 440-2290 Navy Lodge
(808) 260-1200 Hickam
Morale, Welfare, & Recreation (MWR) (808) 473-0787
MILPERS Services (808) 449-8608
Pass and ID (808) 449-0865 Visitor Passes/Gold Cards/RAPIDgate
(808) 449-0870 Special Events section
(808) 474-9140/449-0866 Reports & Analysis
(808) 473-3627 Fingerprinting & Traffic Court

Port Operations Services

(808) 473-1168

Public Affairs (Main Line)

(808) 473-2888

Senior Enlisted Advisor (808) 471-1339 Navy
(808) 449-1573 Air Force
Small Arms Range Management (808) 474-6197 Pearl
(808) 449-1001 Hickam
Traffic Management Office (TMO) (808) 473-7750 Pearl
(808) 473-7782 Hickam
Unaccompanied Personnel Housing (TLA/BAH) (808) 473-1203 Navy CBH
Voting Assistance Program (808) 473-4717 JBPHH
(808) 473-1797 CNRH


Command: NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center Pearl Harbor (NAVSUP FLCPH)

Base Support Vehicles & Equip. (BSVE) (808) 449-1742 24hr Dispatch
Installation Movement

(808) 471-2405 x5401 NAVPTO

(808) 449-1351 FISC PH

Personal Property & Plant Equipment (PP&PE) (808) 449-3889
Postal Services (808) 473-1570
Procurement (808) 449-9795
Supply, Storage & Distribution (Non-Munitions) (808) 449-9795


Command: Commander Navy Region Hawaii (CNRH)

Civilian Drug Testing (808) 471-1710
Equal Employment Opportunity (808) 471-4871
Financial Management (808) 473-2908
Fire Protection & Emergency Services (808) 471-3303 x200
Information Technology Services Management (808) 473-0734
Inspector General (Hotline) (808) 471-1949
Inspector General (808) 471-1958
Legal Support (RLSO - JAG) (808) 473-1379
Legal Support (OGC) (808) 449-1737
Management Analysis (808) 471-1339
Non-Appropriated Fund Instrumentality (NAFI) Human Resources (808) 474-0889
Protocol (808) 473-2207
Military & Family Support Center (808) 474-1999 Pearl
(808) 449-0314 Hickam


Command: Naval Facilities Engineering Command Hawaii (NAVFAC HI)

Environmental Compliance

Environmental Pollution Prevention

Facilities Restoration & Modernization

Facilities Sustainment

Grounds Maintenance & Landscaping

Pavement Clearance Services

Personal Property & Plant Equipment (PP&PE)

Pest Control Services

Procurement Operations

Real Property Management & Engineering Services







(808) 449-3100







Directory Assistance/Base Operator (808) 449-7110


(Last Updated: 3/2/22)


The following are some of the things you will be doing after you first arrive in Hawaii to help get you on your feet. Your sponsor should be meeting you at the airport and walking you through everything to make your initial time in Hawaii as stress free as possible.

Transportation from Honolulu International Airport: Your sponsor should be meeting you just outside the baggage claim area.

Housing: Prior to arriving on island, individuals with dependents should contact the Housing Service Center at (808) 474-1820/1821. The housing office is located at the Navy Aloha Center, across from the Fleet and Family Service Center/PSD at the Moanalua Shopping Center at Pearl Harbor. Additionally, an advanced housing application should be faxed or mailed, along with a copy of your orders and service record Page 2 (dependent verification) to (808) 474-1822. Individuals are required to report to the Family Housing Office within 72 hours of arrival to be eligible for TLA.

Checking into the Hotel: Married personnel will be staying at an approved TLA hotel of their choice. Make sure you let your sponsor know your flight itinerary as soon as possible so he/she can make your hotel reservations for you.

Checking into the Barracks/Dormitory for unaccompanied personnel:
Single personnel must check into the Hawaii Regional Unaccompanied Housing Administration Office within 72 hours of arrival at Gabrunas Hall, Bldg. 1323 for enlisted personnel, and BOH Central Assignments in Lockwood Hall for officers.

Air Force personnel (E1-E4) with less than three years of service, will be assigned to base dormitories. Please notify your sponsor to reserve a room prior to your arrival to Hickam.  You should be assigned a dorm room the day you arrive in Oahu.  There are five dormitory buildings, supporting 28 squadrons.  If you have any questions, please call (808) 448-2007.

Checking into the Command: Prior to checking into the BEH/BOH you must get your orders stamped at Bldg 150 Quarterdeck. The day you arrive you may be tired so your sponsor may drop you off at the barracks or hotel to take a shower or catch up on some lost sleep while he/she informs the command that you have arrived. The following morning you will be picked up and brought to the Command to check in. Personnel staying in TLA approved lodging may get their orders stamped the day after arrival.


Important Numbers to have:

  • Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam Quarterdeck: (COM) - (808) 473-1222
  • Region Operations Center: (ROC) - (808) 473-3216
  • Housing Office: (COM) - (808) 474-1820
  • Navy Federal Credit Union: 1-800-914-9494 (toll free)
  • Pass and ID: (808) 449-0865



For information on Check-In/Processing orders, visit the Personnel Support Detachment page.

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(Last Update: 1/19/22)

Registration records of all vehicles in Hawaii must be updated annually.

Non-resident active duty military personnel must submit a properly completed Non-Resident Certificate, Form CS-L (MVR) 50*, for each registration, renewal or transfer transaction.

Hawaii residents on active duty and members of the  National Guard and Reserve and who are assigned to units located in Hawaii are exempt from motor vehicle weight taxes for one vehicle registered in their name.  You must submit a properly completed Hawaii Resident Certificate, Form CS-L (MVR)50A, for each registration, renewal or transfer transaction.

*Form CS-L (MVR) 50 and Form CS-L (MVR)50A is available from your military personnel office or your military unit.


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(Last Updated: 1/25/22)

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