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Opportune Lift Program

Looking for a way to ship that second POV back to the mainland without spending a lot of your own money? The OPPORTUNE LIFT (OPLIFT) program might be just what you need.

Commander Naval Surface Group Middle Pacific (COMNAVSURFGRU MIDPAC) runs the OPLIFT program within the Middle Pacific region. This includes lifts between Hawaii and San Diego CA. The program relies on volunteer U.S. Navy ships to transport OPLIFT material. Availability of OPLIFT is dependent on operational schedules and ship load out. Since most ships capable of carrying sufficient vehicles are typically loaded with full Marine Equipment load (LHD) or full airwing (CVN), OPLIFT opportunities are extremely limited.  Even if not fully loaded, ships follow-on schedule from Pearl Harbor may not be suitable for an OPLIFT, further limiting opportunities.

In 2010, we were able to support OPLIFT of 60 vehicles.  In 2011, OPLIFT was conducted for a total of 50 vehicles.  Wait list is maintained based on first come, first serve basis.  As a result, if we identify an OPLIFT opportunity close to your PCS, there may be other people ahead of you on the wait list.  OPLIFT OPPORTUNITIES ARE EXTREMELY LIMITED AND WE ENCOURAGE PERSONNEL TO NOT RELY ON OPLIFT AS A PRIMARY OPTION TO MOVE A 2ND POV.


Who is Eligible?

  • All active duty and retired members of the armed services, Active duty must be on Permanent Change of Duty orders.
  • Separates, if separating from service, the application will only be valid until the member is separated from service. Severities must be separating under honorable conditions.
  • Unmarried widows/widowers of retired service members.
  • DOD civilian employees moving under permanent change of station orders.


What can be shipped?

  • Passenger vehicles (POVs)
  • Vehicles must be clean, have no more than ¼ tank of gas if to be craned onboard or 3/4 tank of gas if required by the ship (usually LHDs); must be in good running condition, and be free from leaks.
  • NO personal items will be allowed in the vehicle at time of shipment (i.e., surfboards, coolers, house hold goods)
  • Vehicles must be registered, have valid base decals, and current safety checks.


How long do shipments take to get to the destination?

Once we load the vehicle on the ship, it will take an average of 7-10 days to get to San Diego.


Does OPLIFT have storage facilities for vehicles?

  • NO, COMNAVSURFGRU MIDPAC WILL NOT take custody of a vehicle prior to the designated on load drop off date.
  • We do not have the ability to store or maintain security on vehicles waiting to be shipped.
  • Someone other then the owner of the vehicle would need to keep custody and drop off or pick up the vehicle. A special power of attorney will be required for the vehicle.
  • Upon arrival to San Diego, the owner /POC  must pickup the POV right after the offload.  There are no storage facilities at either destination port.
  • There are companies that have worked with OPLIFT that will store and/or deliver your vehicle to you.


How are the ships loaded?

  • Some of the ships used do not use cranes for loading. If the ship is to use ramps to load there is a minimum of 12” ground clearance for the vehicle to be shipped.
  • Vehicles loaded with a crane will be charged a crane fee to load and unload. The crane fee is split amongst the owners of the vehicles being shipped. The crane fee will be collected at the time of drop off for loading. The offloading crane fee will be collected when picking up the vehicle.
  • All items will be shipped at the discretion of the transporting ship.


Is there a cost to ship using OPLIFT?

Yes, OPLIFT is fully funded by the members taking advantage of the program. If a crane is going to be used for shipment the total cost for onload/offload  is shared by the car owners. The more cars loaded the less the fee. You may be required to purchase (4) tie-down straps if the ship does not have enough.


Who do we get in contact with OPLIFT in Hawaii?

OPLIFT is manned by COMNAVSURFGRU MIDPAC supply personnel. Ph: (808) 473-3045; Fax: (808) 473-3046


Who do we get in contact with OPLIFT in San Diego?

OPLIFT Coordinator (619) 437-2991

Car Pick up/ Storage (MWR) Navy Auto Skills Shop (619) 556-7008/9

Car Hauling / Storage AUTODRIVEAWAY (619) 337-3600

Downloadable Forms:

Opportune Lift Program Application Form 1

Opportune Lift Program Application Form 2


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