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Questions and concerns regarding the Department of the Navy's, Red Hill Bulk Fuel Storage Facility Closure Plan should be directed to:  CNRH.PAO@US.NAVY.MIL

Closure Plan and Supporting Documents: 
Red Hill Closure Plan (PDF, 1.73 MB; 94 pages)
Enclosure 1: Red Hill Tank and Pipeline Closure Plan Gantt Chart (PDF, 864 KB; 20 pages)
Enclosure 2: Red Hill Tank and Pipeline Closure Plan Network Diagram (PDF, 780 KB; 49 pages)
Enclosure 3: Appendix C: Submitted to the Environmental Protection Agency and the Hawaii State Department of Health *

* In accordance with 10 U.S.C. § 130e, document titled “Appendix C” contains Department of Defense Critical Infrastructure Security Information and is exempt from public disclosure.

Red Hill Tank Closure Plan Analysis of Alternatives:
- Red Hill Tank Closure Plan Analysis of Alternatives & Concept Design to Close In Place Report (PDF 877 KB; 26 pages)
- Enclosure 1: Tank Closure Option Alternative 1 (PDF 764 KB; 5 pages)
- Enclosure 2: Tank Closure Option Alternative 2 (PDF 770 KB; 5 pages)
- Enclosure 3: Tank Closure Option Alternative 3 (PDF 764 KB; 5 pages)
- Enclosure 4: Tank Closure Option Alternative 4 (PDF 765 KB; 5 pages)

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