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Additional information regarding the Department of Defense Defuel Plan for the Red Hill Bulk Fuel Storage Facility can be found on the Joint Task Force - Red Hill webpage.

Red Hill Defueling Plan (June 30, 2022)
Red Hill Defueling Plan (PDF; 573 KB; 20 pages)

Red Hill Defueling Plan Supplemental 1A and Enclosure Documents (September 7, 2022)
Red Hill Defueling Plan Supplement 1A (PDF; 1.7 MB; 39 pages)
Enclosure 1 - Unpacking Plan_Redacted (PDF; 19.1 MB; 267 pages)
- Enclosure 1a - Fuel Transfer System Inspection Report_Redacted (PDF; 192 MB; 1084 pages)
Enclosure 1b - Lifecycle Sustainment Report_Redacted (PDF; 2 MB; 59 pages)
Enclosure 1c - Fire Suppression Inspection Report_Redacted (PDF; 46 MB; 273 pages)

Enclosure 2 - Unpacking Spill Exercise Plan 9.17.22_Redacted (PDF; 19.9 MB; 166 pages)

Enclosure 2 Attachment A - RH Checklist 08-17-22_Redacted (PDF; 22 MB; 97 pages)
- Enclosure 2 Attachment B - EPA R9 UST Photographs and Photo Log_Redacted (PDF2; 55 MB; 220 pages)
Enclosure 2 Attachment J - JBPHH Notifications to HDOH_Redacted (PDF; 23 MB; 118 pages)
Enclosure 2 Attachment K - Navy UST Permit Application JBPHH_Redacted (PDF; 9 MB; 124 pages)
Enclsoure 2 EPA's August 17, 2022 JBPHH Underground Storage Tank (UST) Report_Redacted (PDF; 1.7 MB; 11 pages)
Enclosure 3 - Revised Draft Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Report_Redacted (PDF; 40 MB; 181 pages)
- Tab A to Appendix B-1- Red Hill Pipeline and Drainage Systems, Defense Fuel Supply Point Pearl Harbor Bulk Terminal_Redacted (PDF, 2.9 MB; 65 pages) 


Red Hill Defueling Plan Supplemental 1B and Enclosure Documents (September 28, 2022)
Red Hill Defueling Plan Supplement 1B (PDF; 1.92 MB; 31 pages)
- Enclosure 1 - Defueling Critical Path Method Schedule (PDF; 864 KB; 9 pages)
Enclosure 2 - Hawaii Department of Health (DOH) Superseding Emergency Order (PDF; 716 KB; 8 pages)
Enclosure 3 - Department of Defense (DoD) Evaluation of the NDAA FY2022 Section 318 Pipeline Assessment (PDF; 2.25 MB; 13 pages)
Enclosure 4 - Infrastructure Repairs and Enhancements Report (PDF; 219 KB; 17 pages)
Enclosure 5 - Contract Documents in Support of Defueling_Redacted (PDF; 1.85 MB; 124 pages)

Enclosure 6 - Responses to August 11, 2022 EPA Letter on DoD Defueling Plan (PDF; 909 KB; 15 pages)


Red Hill Defueling Plan Supplemental 2 and Enclosure Documents (May 16, 2023)
Red Hill Defueling Plan Supplemental 2 (PDF; 1.84 MB; 41 pages)
- Enclosure 1 - Defueling Fire Protection Plan (PDF; 1.9 MB; 8 pages)
- Enclosure 2 - Spill Release Scenarios (PDF; 1.2 MB; 9 pages)
- Enclosure 3 - Oil Pressure Door CONOP (PDF; 2.2 MB; 11 pages)
- Enclosure 4 - Repacking Lines CONOP_Redacted (PDF 1.2 MB; 5 pages)
- Enclosure 5 - Tank Mains Defueling CONOP_Redacted (PDF; 592 KB; 7 pages)
- Enclosure 6 - Flowable Tank Bottoms Defueling CONOP_Redacted (PDF; 496 KB; 5 pages)
- Enclosure 7 - Unpacking Lines CONOP_Redacted (PDF; 2.3 MB; 10 pages)
- Enclosure 8 - Joint Task Force - Red Hill (JTF-RH) Integrated Master Schedule (PDF; 642 KB; 1 page)

Red Hill Defueling Plan Supplemental 3 (November 14, 2023) - NEW
Red Hill Defueling Plan Supplemental 3_Redacted (PDF; 3.21 MB; 32 pages) 


Last Updated 11/14/2023


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