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Mission Statement: The mission of the Federal Fire Department is to minimize the loss of life, property, and damage to the environment on all military property and Installations, caused by fires, medical emergencies, natural disasters and acts of terrorism.

Vision Statement: Our vision is to become the Department of Defense enterprise model for all fire & emergency services by striving for continuous improvements and providing a workforce adaptable to ever-changing hazards.

Roles and Responsibilities: The Federal Fire Department believes our value to the military will be measured by the type and quality of service we provide.  Appearance and behavior, respectful attitudes, training, preparedness and high quality service, along with compassion, responsibility and integrity is the endeavor of every member.

Area of Responsibility: The Federal Fire Department provides fire protection and emergency medical services to all Department of Defense military installations on Oahu (198 square miles), Pacific Missile Range facility on Kauai (6.5 square miles), and provides mutual aid to the City and County of Honolulu (396 square miles).

Accredited Agency: The Federal Fire Department was unanimously awarded accredited agency status by the Commission on Fire Accreditation International (CFAI) on 9 March 2010.  The Federal Fire Department is one of only 36 Department of Defense agencies worldwide that earned this distinguished award and one of only 8 currently in the Department of Navy.  There are more than 30,125 fire departments throughout the United States alone, yet only 192 fire departments worldwide that have earned CFAI accredited agency status.

History: The history behind the Federal Fire Department begins in 1924 when the first Army fire station was established.  In 1926 the first Navy fire station was placed into operation.  Between the years of 1924 and 1946, the fire stations were manned by military personnel only and called the Navy Yard Fire Dept.  In 1941 during the “Bombing of Pearl Harbor” 16 firefighters were killed.  In 1946 the Navy established the 14th Naval District Fire Department.  By the year 1960, the Navy built eleven more fire stations at the various naval installations on Oahu.  In 1979, the Navy, Army, and Air Force Fire Department (except Hickam) were consolidated and the birth of the Federal Fire Department (FFD) Hawaii took place.  In 2006, the Federal Fire Department acquired its new Headquarters by consolidating from 14 locations throughout the island.  In 2010, the Federal Fire Department became an accredited agency and also joined with the Hickam Fire Department to create the first Department of Defense consolidated multi-service Fire Department in the world.

The Federal Fire Department includes:

  • 259 Civilian Personnel
  • 27 Military Personnel
  • 14 Fire Stations, 1 Headquarters
What does the Operations Division provide?
  • Structural, shipboard, and wildland firefighting
  • Hazardous Material (HAZMAT) response
  • Technical Rescue
  • Basic life support
What does the Prevention Division provide?
  • Facility Inspections
  • Public Information
  • Public Education
  • Hot Work Permits
  • Fire Investigations
  • Fire Protection Plans Review
  • Installation Fire Warden Program
  • Family Housing Orientation Program
  • Fire Extinguisher Program
What does the EMS Division provide?
  • Basic and Advanced life support transport
  • CPR/AED training
  • Public Education
What does the Training Division provide? 
  • Firefighter training and certification
  • Live fire training

The Federal Fire Department recognizes the military as the reason for our presence and will continually work to provide a product deemed excellent by our customers.  The enormous commitment necessary to perform and maintain all training, certifications and programs requires an excellence of character.  The timely response in the delivery of service will enable us to make significant contributions to the overall security and safety of both the military and this great nation. For more information, please contact the Federal Fire Department Public Information Officer at (808) 471-3303, x617.


To prevent tragedy is to prepare…PROTECTING THOSE WHO DEFEND AMERICA

Important Phone Numbers:

FFD Administration (808) 471-3303
Training Division, Training Chief (808) 471-5000
Operations Division, District Chief 1 (808) 471-4200
Operations Division, District Chief 2 (808) 471-4202
Operations Division, District Chief 3 (808) 471-4207
EMS Division, EMS Chief (808) 471-2402
Prevention Division, Prevention Chief (808) 471-8000
Prevention Battalion Chief, Army Services (808) 471-8001
(808) 471-8007
(808) 471-8020
(808) 471-8041
Prevention Battalion Chief, JBPHH Air Force Services (808) 471-8002
Prevention Battalion Chief, JBPHH Navy Services (808) 471-8006
(808) 471-8011
(808) 471-8031
(808) 471-8032
(808) 471-8033
(808) 471-8036
(808) 471-8042
(808) 471-8045
Prevention Battalion Chief, Marine Corps Services (808) 471-8004
(808) 471-8015
(808) 471-8016
(808) 471-8019
(808) 471-8021
Fire Warden Training (808) 471-8001
Permit Authorizing Individual Training (808) 471-8031
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