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Welcome to the Navy College Office at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. We are a network of professional Education Services Specialists, Education Advisors and Education Technicians who counsel and advise Navy members on all matters relating to academic and vocational programs, authorize tuition assistance, and administer all on-base education programs.

You can reach your educational goals while on active duty through the Navy College Office.

Here are some ways our office can assist:

  • Analyze and define your education goals and capabilities
  • Recommend use of Discover or Campbell’s Interest Skills Survey (career inventories)
  • Review your previous college work towards degree completion
  • Provide information on a suitable college, university, or technical training school
  • Recommend a Distance Learning partnership school
  • NCPACE (Navy College Program for Afloat College Education)
  • Provide information on financial aid
  • Obtain college credit for Navy training and experience
  • Earn credit-by-examination (CLEP, DSST)
  • Help you review your SMART transcript with recommendations


Navy College Office Pearl Harbor
Bldg. 679 (Second Deck)
1260 Pierce Street, Ste. 100
Honolulu, HI 96860-4673

Phone: (808) 473-5705 or email

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