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Navy College Office Assistance

Tuition Assistance

  • TAs that are not command approved and that are 15 days past class start date will be automatically denied in the system
  • An email is sent to the service member and the command approver every 5 days until the command either approves or denies the request

Tuition Assistance is currently limited to 16 semester hours up to $250.00 per credit or 24 quarter hours @ $166.67 per credit; not to exceed the $4,500 TA per fiscal year. The Navy no longer funds continuing education units (CEU) courses or clock hours.

Please check and see if NETPDTC is accepting TA credit waivers at the Navy College Program website. TA waiver credit requests cannot exceed $4500.

All courses must be from an institution accredited by the US Department of Education.

Lateral or same level degrees are not funded unless all the criteria are met in NAVADMIN 166/07. Funding must take place in accordance with the Navy's Tuition Assistance policy.

Tuition Assistance is never funded after the fact but upfront before the class or term starts.


Tuition Assistance Application

Web-Tuition Assistance (Web-TA)

Click here for instructions on how to complete WEB-TA.

All web-TA applications must be submitted, Command & Virtual Education Center (VEC) approved prior to starting the course(s). All Tuition Assistance users must have turned in a degree plan or SOCNAV agreement to VEC & be TA briefed every 24 months. Click here to complete the online TA Training.

Print the certificate at the end and fax or email to VEC. 

Naval Education and Training Professional Development and Technology Center (NETPDTC)
Attn: Virtual Education Center
472 Polaris Street, Suite 214
Virginia Beach, VA 23461-2015

Phone: 1-877-838-1659 or DSN 492-4684 or COMM 757-492-4684

FAX: 757-492-5095


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