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Program for Afloat College Education

Navy College Program for Afloat College Education (NCPACE)

What is NCPACE?

NCPACE gives Sailors assigned to sea duty commands the opportunity to continue their personal and professional growth. NCPACE is an integral part of the Navy College Program and provides both refresher and college level courses offered by Service Members Opportunity College – Navy (SOCNAV)-affiliated colleges and universities. Sailors who pursue degrees from SOCNAV schools are ensured an easier transfer of credits between SOCNAV schools which expedites degree completion.

What is offered in NCPACE?

NCPACE courses are tuition-funded by the Navy and include Academic Skills refresher type course and college courses (undergraduate and graduate). Sailors must pay instructional materials cost, such as textbooks, handbooks, and cd-roms, ipods, pdas for college level courses.

Courses are taught via technology delivery and by traditional classroom delivery.

How do I get started?

Sea-duty Commands with a sea duty Unit Identification Code (UIC) of type 2 or 4 are eligible to participate in NCPACE. Eligible commands desiring an NCPACE program must contact the Hawaii Navy College Office (NCO) several months prior to a scheduled deployment. NCO will schedule NCPACE Orientation Services for the command consisting of the following. NCPACE coordinator training, commanding officer's brief, crew brief, counseling services and placement testing. With the assistance of the NCO, commands will submit NCPACE course orders to Naval Education and Training Development and Technology Center (NETPDTC) for approval.

Eligible commands should contact the Hawaii NCO by email or (808) 473-5705.


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